A Greater Guest Experience in the Palm of Their Hands

June 23, 2018

Some of the greatest features we have in Mosaic Advanced are some of the smallest-namely the smartphone apps for every facet of your resort.

Our guest app allows your guests to make and modify their reservations. Automated check in allows you to send them straight to their units or sites, with things like key codes for cabins and wifi codes in the palm of their hands. No more standing in line like cattle waiting to be processed through a long checkin que or having to call a night manager or owner if they arrive after hours.

Our housekeeping and maintenance apps allow you on site staff to monitor needs and clean units in real time. For busy resorts-this means no more phone or radio calls back and forth wondering if a rental is ready or a repair item completed. Detailed tracking helps the housekeeping and maintenance department to enter items to be charged to guests or owners, as well as sending an email to accounting for proper AP and GL accounting.

Cutting edge technology is one of the mainstays of Mosaic, Mosaic Advanced and AOS. If we can streamline it with technology-trust us-we will!