A Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way!

February 5, 2018

One of the best ways to make your park stand out is by good old fashioned cleaning.

Being present day in and day out often keeps a manager and/or park owner oblivious to the things that guest might see as dirty or worn. This kind of familiarity can keep a park from tending to some of the very simple and inexpensive fixes that would go a long way.

Things like scrubbing, painting, tending to weeds and overgrown plants are just a few of the ways to make a park look fresh without spending a lot of money. Power-washing can make old deck board shines and renting a roll off dumpster for some de-cluttering will let your guests know you are serious about providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing campground for their enjoyment.

All AOS properties undergo a series of Quality Control Checks throughout the year and are advised when things are in need of attention. Our team goes through a checklist that addresses all common buildings, grounds, and amenities. Our second set of eyes helps you address things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed!