A Very Unwelcoming Welcome

January 10, 2018

Recently, my husband and I traveled to Europe. It was the trip of a lifetime and something I will always treasure.

We had been to this one country before, but never to this particular area. Not knowing our exact plans, we decided to book our accommodations when we stopped for the night. While at dinner, we logged on to a popular OTA and booked our B&B. We would arrive in an hour.

When we arrived, we found the place to be lovely. Situated on top a hill overlooking the quaint town below, we were at ease with our decision, UNTIL we were greeted by the hostess.

She immediately berated my spouse for not booking directly by phone. She reminded him of the OTA commission and the fact that they booked us last minute. She went on and on about the percentage they charge her and how they had taken our booking an hour before and she did not have time to prep for us. Mind you, we saw no other guests.

I listened until I could not take it any longer. I gently reminded her that 85% is better than 0%, and had it not been for the OTA, we would not have booked at all. This did little to comfort her. The only way we got her off the ledge was to offer to pay in cash, thus saving her the credit card processing fee.

Like it or not, OTA’s are here to stay, and if you are not connected to them, especially with cabin/cottage rentals, you are missing out. A client of ours told us their 2017 off season cottage rentals more than doubled by being on an OTA. That is no small increase during a time when they desperately needed occupancy. You may not like the commissions they charge, but they often bring you clients you would have not had otherwise, and they do heavy marketing on your behalf.

Both Mosaic and Mosaic Advanced connect to the most important and up to date OTA’s out there-and if you are not connected-then you are leaving very valuable dollars on the table.