An AOS Managed Property-Sample Weekly Data

November 20, 2018

When AOS manages your property-we don’t just tell you what we got-we show you!

Our properties receive weekly reports like the one below (this client owns three parks) outlining where we stand. If we have data from the previous year, we show year over year comparisons.

By looking at your pickup daily, we can provide weekly reports showing you where you were, where you are, and where we have you headed!

This data set is from true client data and part of the AOS team bi-weekly meeting;

Property A

  • Saw more movement this week, increasing by another hundred site nights along with +$5000 in total revenue

  • Continuing to exceed what was produced last year at month end

  • Yielding up another $10 per site night due to decreasing inventory

  • With the pickup we are seeing, very possible to exceed last year’s November by 20-30%

  • TripAdvisor 6 new posts, average score being a 4/5 star!

Park B

  • More movement throughout November, increasing total sites sold to 3,100 and increasing revenue by +$5,000

  • Sitting at 70% occupancy with currently over 100 sites taken most nights through this month

  • Seeing decent last-minute pickup over this past weekend.  

  • TripAdvisor 5 new posts, average score being a 4.5/5 star!

Park C

  • Saw around 100 sites move for this week, an additional +$2,000 in revenue

  • currently over 100 sites taken most nights through this month

  • Seeing decent pickup over the final weeks of November