We want to say, “Congratulations,” to our parks who were just granted “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence” awards.

These coveted awards are based on overall reviews and outstanding customer service.

AOS greatly accelerates your path to this award by managing your reputation and making it easy for guests to post to TripAdvisor and like kind review sites.

By managing your reputation online, your park climbs in rankings and climbs in revenue. For every 1 jump in reputation, we calculate a 4% jump in revenue.

Reputation management is a very time consuming process. Let AOS take the burden off your park by getting your out there and communicating with your reviewers in a positive and professional manner.

Congrats to all the 2019 Winners!

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The Love/Hate Relationship with OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies)

The entire hospitality world has a Love/Hate Relationship with OTA’s.

At AOS, we love them more than hate them.

Like it or not-they are here to stay. Sites like, Expedia, and Air B&B, take your roofed accommodations to an audience you might never find without them.

With the impending release of the game changing-Book Outdoors, even your RV sites will be available to the public via a real time two way interface.  These sites are as integrated into our travel as much as mobile boarding passes and GPS systems, and it is high time we stop fighting them and embrace the power of their marketing dollars.

The way we see it,  if an OTA brings you a guest, and they take a 15% commission for that guest, you are still 85% to the good. That guest might have never located you had it not been for the OTA. Additionally, if the guest enjoys their stay, they will most likely book direct with your for all future stays. Therefore, each time the guest rebooks a future stay, your overall cost to the OTA diminishes and their ROI increases.

All AOS properties are on OTA’s. We make it easy for our parks by employing PMS systems with connectivity to these channels. Our research shows most of the OTA bookings come in after the work day is over and people are kicked back making vacation plans. Your office is closed, the OTA is booking sites, and the money is coming in…what’s not to LOVE??

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Rolling Out the “You’re Not Welcome” Carpet

As I meet park owners all across the US I continually see a familiar pattern with many of them.  And though they would never intentionally do so, they are turning away guests and quickly killing future business.

Snowbird parks can be particularly guilty of this bad business practice. Many owners, having relied on the tried and true retired snowbird of yesteryear, are effectively placing a large stop sign in front of the most engaged buyer in the market-young travelers. Watch this short clip to meet John, your new Snowbird.

Your New Snowbird

John is a restaurant manager in a busy resort town in Maryland. He makes good money and cannot travel during their peak season up north. When the resort closes for the winter, John heads south, with his RV and a pocket full of cash. He is ready to relax, kick back, and spend money. Guess where John does not stay?

You guessed right-55 plus parks that tell him and his peer group they are not welcome.

A quick peak at any current industry data shows the market is trending younger. Homeschool families, minimalist lifestyle advocates, and traveling young professionals are just a few of the markets you miss when you fail to roll out the welcome mat..

It is time to rethink your strategy and allow AOS to reach this trending market on your behalf. Instagram, youtube video, influencer contacts and blogging are just some of the strategies we employ to get your park occupied-if you plan to stay viable in the future.

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A Winter of Winning

Our new parks are just wrapping up their 2019 first quarters, and we could not be more excited about their performance.

The following case studies are year one AOS parks. They are spread throughout the United States and range from 40 to 300 sites.

Clearly, they benefited from the work our team put into their properties. Our marketing team, revenue management staff, and our regional managers can all give themselves a big high five over these results!

Quarter One 2018 versus 2019…Boom!

                                                      2018 Prior to AOS                        2019 Post AOS                                        Overall Increase  

Property A                                    $175,952                                         $244,100                                        $68,148

Property B                                    $110,772                                          $228,422                                      $117,650

Property C                                    $126,363                                         $190,444                                      $64,081

Property D                                    $138,038                                         $177,977                                      $39,939

Property E                                    $31,703                                            $70,692                                       $38,989

Property F                                    $16,645                                            $74,958                                       $58,313

Property G                                    $90,774                                           $113,048                                      $22,273

Property H                                    $93,076                                           $110,408                                     $17,332

AOS Value To These Clients           -Quarter One                                                                                          $426,725  

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Long Term Rentals Made Easy-New Year-Newbook

Long term rentals can be a bit of a challenge in property management systems. Guests paying at different times and in different intervals, remembering to charge and collect, all of these can be a challenge in a standard PMS system.

Newbook has taken the challenge and the guess work out of long term rentals. Take a quick look at this video to see how you can automatically charge your long term rentals and get them all paying on the same day if you so choose.

Newbook also allows them to pay via secure link in the mobile friendly guest app. Watch and enjoy!

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Coming Soon-Florida ARVC Keynote

It will not be long until our team hits the road for the 2019 FARVC Convention. We will be live at our booth and our CEO Kathleen Walsh will be the keynote speaker at the opening day breakfast.

Kathleen’s presentation will be, “Turn $3 into $10,000” and will highlight how modern technology and revenue management can drastically increase the return on your investment in your park. Kathleen will also be highlighting the “New” Snowbird and how to make sure you do not leave them out of your target market.

Our land planner and architect, Ron Beard, will be with us as well as team members demonstrating our marketing and technology solutions.

Click here to reserve your spot at this must attend event and trade show. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

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Missed Opportunities Means Lost Revenue

A few weeks ago when traveling, we called a major resort chain and their auto attendant told us to hold on, we were the 298th caller in line. NO LIE!

When asked if we wanted to continue to hold, guess what we replied?

Missed calls or closed doors often means lost revenue. If a guest wishes to speak with someone before booking, or no one is available, they will try the next park in line, and your park will suffer.

This is why one of our newest services offered at AOS is our call center and staffing option. Our call center does not just take messages, rather they are trained on your park and your software and they take bookings for you. On average, the cost is recovered five fold. Our staff is on 24/7 and makes sure to book your sites and process your deposits.

We also proudly offer temporary staff for those times when you are short on help, or just need a fill in while someone is on vacation. Our team members are RV’ers who are trained and fully capable of filling in while needed. No long term payroll dollars required!

We listen to our clients and strive to meet their needs. Our call center and staffing services are closing two major gaps in their business practices and they are raking in the revenue.

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Next Level Customer Service

With clients across the US, and technology partners around the world-we travel-ALOT!

When it comes to customer service, you would think most travel related companies understand the concept.

It should go something like this-Guests have spent time and money to come to your place or use your services-and making their their trip a memorable one will create fond memories and a desire to return time and time again.

Sadly, we often see customer service as a lost art. Lack of training, subpar management, or simply treating guests like an inconvenience prevent many parks from making guests feel welcome and leaving guests with few -if any -reasons to return.

By just doing a few simple things, you can help your park stand out in the barren desert of hospitable travel. Customer service need not be costly or overly time consuming in order to leave a lasting impact.

Enter All About Relaxing, an AOS client park in Mobile AL. Angela and Jimmy have created a true guest centric park right off I-10. As my staff has said, “If Chip and Joanna Gaines built an RV Park, this would be it!”

AAR has taken the guest experience to new heights. Inexpensive, yet meaningful touches, makes guests feel special from the moment they arrive at their site.  Flags at each site and a chalkboard sign with the guests name (and the name of their pets) makes guests feel as if the red carpet has been rolled out prior to their arrival. Guests are escorted to their sites and given a personal introduction to the area and the amenities. These few simple gestures has caused this park to receive rave reviews and leave guests feeling like family. For Angela and Jimmy-Southern Hospitality starts as soon as a guest books and lingers on long after they have left.

By just doing a few simple things, you can help your park stand out in the barren desert of hospitable travel. Customer service need not be costly or overly time consuming in order to leave a lasting impact. We encourage all of you to take a look at how you can add some special features or touches to make your guests say, “Let’s go back to THAT place!

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