Branding Isn’t Just For Cattle

September 1, 2018

We speak to many of our clients about CVI. They in turn, look at us as if we have three heads. What is CVI and why is it important?

CVI-stands for Corporate Visual Identity. It is what basically the branding of your property. For instance, attached is a branding board we did for a new client. They are in need of branding, a new website, and a new feel for their property. Enter CVI. The all important bible for how you move forward with marketing and identity for your property.

We created this branding board (see below) which will guide all future marketing materials. This desert based property now has Colors, Fonts, Logos, and Feels that will guide the new marketing push being created for this property. Their new website, to go live this week, will follow the CVI, as will all Social Media, PPC, and Print Material.

It you have not created a CVI for your park, now is the time to do it. It exudes professionalism and consistency. When you see Pepsi logos or fonts, you know it is Pepsi. People should know the same about you and your organization with just one glance. Let AOS help you with your CVI for an upscale image and the curb appeal that all of us need in this digital age.

We created this branding board to help guide the marketing for this client.