Capturing the Guest-What you Need to Know

February 17, 2019

Capturing the guest who is looking for a place to stay is key to filling sites and maximizing revenue. We often find parks reluctant to spend the dollars necessary to make sure their potential guests become booked and confirmed guests.

AOS offer two very unique programs to help converted lookers into bookers

One is our call center services. We offer our clients real time, 24/7 phone support out of our US based offices. Our call center staff members are professional, have all the information about your park, and are trained on both Mosaic and Newbook so they can take the reservations for your busy staff.

Clients across the US benefit from lower payroll dollars and higher conversions, This service starts at a budget friendly cost of $360 per month and $5 per booking. At this price, you cannot afford to continue to miss calls.

Our second set of services are our PMS systems with Online Booking. Here is just a small sample of what one of our parks has done in Online bookings in just a few months:

186 Reservations for a total of 357 Site Nights=Total Revenue (Online Only) of $21,893. 

Of course, this client also benefits from us driving nights to his park via our integrated marketing, but no matter how you slice it, this feature is making a huge difference in getting guests off the road and into his park.

Giving your guests convenient and easy ways to stay with you will enhance your guest experience and result in deposits taken and nights reserved. Let us show you how we can help turn your Lookers Into Bookers.