Welcome Timberline

We are excited to announce a brand new addition to the AOS portfolio-Timberline Campground in Benzonia MI.

Watch closely as we roll out the new website, online booking, marketing, and SM pages.

Timberline is a great park near Traverse City, Crystal Lake, and Lake Leelanau MI. We witnessed the stunning foliage of this part of the country during our visit last week. We stayed in an EXTRA large, full hookup, pull thru RV site down the path from a spotless bath house.

Fishing, bike trails, wineries, brew tours, and stunning landscape are just a few of the activities you can find around this great park. We are planning to add park wide Wifi, a dog park, laundry, a clubhouse, and secure storage to the park over the off season.

We look forward to working with guests, owners, and staff at this great park.

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Thank You

Just a quick note to say, “Thank you,” to all those who joined me at the Glamping Summit kick off. What an honor to be chosen as the opening speaker. I know you will be blessed by all the others to follow.

Please check back on my blog in the coming days for the promised budget suggestions. Once off the road and on stable Wifi-you will get it hot off the presses here!

Remember my points in the seminar and you will be on track for great success.

B-Buy it Right

U-Utilities Drive Everything

I-IT Matters-even in glamping



Thanks and have a great conference!

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Sneak Peak-Glamping Show USA

This week was a BUSY one. We held our annual “Thinking Outside The Tent,” training seminar with our entire staff in our SW Florida offices. We held regular work sessions and six intense work sessions focusing on Client Expectations, Marketing for Success, SWOT Analysis, Work Flow Procedures, and many Q&A sessions. We wrapped up with a BBQ and Dance Party with our very own Papi Roisterous at the helm. Photos are forthcoming…

This week I also taped two promos for the upcoming Glamping Show USA. This year, COVID has us virtual, but they have over 900 participants signed up to attend this online event.

I am honored to be a Keynote and my topic is, “Turning Dreams into Destinations.” Here is a sneak peak at what will be discussed during my event.

You do not want to miss attending this informative and cutting edge industry training and virtual show. You can sign up here to attend and learn from leaders in our industry. The virtual show will connect you to vendors uniquely situated to help you succeed in the space.

Last years event was BUSY..we had a two day booth and we had lines or both days. We are super excited to once again be virtual and look forward to seeing and hearing everyone who will be in attendance.

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Finally-Elbow Room!!

If you have been to our offices in Matlacha Florida, you will notice two things:

First of all, our view is second to none. Our offices are located direct waterfront on the stunning Matlacha Pass. Credit to Jon Hunt capturing what is our island in the photo below.

Secondly, you will notice we are bursting at the seams. We knew we needed more office space, and we are finally getting it! Attached are some renderings of our new offices to be constructed on the same location as our current offices. To say we are a little bit spoiled is an understatement and we look forward to calling Matlacha home for the rest our our lives! We will be right up the street in rented offices while our new offices are under construction. Stay tuned for the Open House Invitation once we are back at home at 4700 Pine Island Road Matlacha! Thanks to all our clients who have trusted us and allowed us to grow beyond our wildest dreams. Let’s keep doing this thing together!

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Proud As A..Well You Know

You know how you take a baby and you help it grow past those initial first shaky steps-only to see them become a full fledged functioning adult? Well, that is a little bit how we feel today.

We are so very proud of Brian Faircloth and the team at Madison RV and Golf Resort in Madison Florida.

The story of how we met is a little funny. Brian attended one of my seminars at FARVC. He raised his hand and asked a question, and still to this day he will say I slapped his hand and shot him down in the middle of a packed house. Of course, he says it with a smile.

When we met him he had a great vision, but needed direction. We tweaked his land plan, got him started with software and marketing, and off he went. He is now booking, booking, booking, and if you do not book with him now, you will be out of luck. He is that hot and his course is that great.

This wonderful article in Woodalls this month highlights Brian, his team, and the stunning golf resort they have built in the northern part of Florida. We love it when it all comes together, and we at AOS are honored to be part of his story.

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“Thank You,” Will Never Be Enough

Several years ago my husband and I took some sabbatical leave and toured Europe by train. We were there for over a month. We started in Germany and ended in Normandy. It was, in our words, our “World War II Tribute Tour”

To say Normandy was sobering and awe inspiring is a feeble attempt to try to describe what is indescribable.

We walked the beaches, touched the german fortifications, admired the memorials, and held our breath as we visited the American Cemetery. There we walked for hours, not speaking, but admiring the tribute raised to those who stormed those beaches and changed the world forever.

One of the most touches moments was watching the French gardeners tend to the grass around the crosses. No motorized equipment was permitted around the crosses-all grass hand to be clipped by hand.

You can never visit such a place without being changed forever. This Memorial Day, we will once again take time to honor those who served and paid the ultimate price. We are forever, a grateful people.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Outdoors Here We Come

As I have been writing since COVID began-our parks remained hot commodities.

Now that the year of COVID seems to be somewhat waning, everyone is writing that the outdoor industry is THE vacation craze of the future.

Even Forbes came out with this article recently. Since 2003, we at AOS have been all about Outdoor Hospitality, but it seems COVID and Social Distancing are going to bring in a whole new wave of folks who wish to space out and breathe deeply the fresh air that comes with outdoor vacations.

Thinking RV’s are the only ones booming? Not according to our data. Our glamping and rental units still booking heavily during COVID and we are SOLD OUT for the holiday weekend. Again, space and lack of crowded rooms call to those who want to vacation, but with a little less contact.

Never had the industry been hotter and never have we been so thrilled to be at the forefront of grabbing those guests and getting them into YOUR parks. We have always known the outdoor industry was the way to enjoy life-we are just happy to see more people getting on board.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Driving Traffic

I wanted to share a one day screen shot from two of our parks. During this time of panic and COVID, we are thrilled that our portfolio parks are thriving. These screenshots, sent to me each morning, shows me what is happening across our portfolio. This particular one, shows me how our marketing department is reaching guests.

First thing to note, 166 people were driven directly to our Book Online Button from our “Call To Action,” campaigns.

139 were driven to the same site through our enhanced Google showing, and 60 directly to Madison through our Adwords. Keep in mind, this is ONE DAY. Most importantly, 239 of the 263 were NEW visitors.

Marketing is always important, but marketing during COVID has been a whole different animal. For the states that have allowed us to remain open, the team has absolutely slayed the competition.

If you are not seeing these kinds of results, you are with the wrong team. No one is more aggressive in their thinking than the team at AOS. We beat the data to death and then tweak each day as needed. It is what we do, and we do it well!

This screen shot tells you a couple things.

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Sweet Home Alabama

First of all, I am smart enough to never admit publicly if it is, “Roll Tide,” or “War Eagle.” Although if you know me well, you know which one.

Secondly, we LOVE the state of Alabama and the relationships we have made through both FARVC and AARVC. We have been speakers at both and have formed some great friendships.

We are also very happy to announce our latest client park hails from this great state. We could not be more thrilled to Welcome Johnny’s Lakeside RV Resort in Foley to our portfolio. Johnny’s has almost any amenity you would want during both a short term and long term stay.

We look forward to some of the new amenities that will be added and are excited about our GM, Connie. If you have not met her, make sure you stop by the office and say, “Hello.”

Johnny’s is currently booking both short and long term stays and Connie and her wonderful team will be happy to help you get settled and experience the best of Southern Hospitality.

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Welcome To Our Newest Park

The AOS team would like to say, “Welcome,” to our newest park. Junction West is located in one of our fastest growing states, the beautiful state of Colorado.

Junction West is right outside Grand Junction Colorado. Mari and Tom Garland were the long time owners of Junction West and are well known in the RV community. They hand off to us a rich legacy and we plan to continue to build on their successes.

Samantha Jager is the new GM. Samantha is native to Colorado and comes with a fantastic set of skills. She is in the process of building her team and forging ahead with exciting new ideas. We are thrilled to have this gem of a park in our portfolio.

Thank you to Mick and Ryan for entrusting us with your investment!

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