Congratulations To Our Team at Branches of Niagara

We want to send a hearty “Well Done,” to the management and staff at Branches of Niagara. Once again, they have won the highly coveted “Travelers Choice Award,” from Trip Advisor for the year 2022.

Taylor and his team take great pride in the guest experience and providing “Best in Class,” service with their numerous sites and amenities.

Located just outside Niagara Falls National Park, this amazing park features full hookup sites, cabins, yurts, Zip Lines, Laser Tag, two pools, bike rentals and more!

Thank you Taylor for being a passionate leader and making Niagara a fantastic place to vacation.

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“Contentment” In Glamping and Outdoor Hospitality

Sometimes, things are just meant to be. This is how we feel about this project, “Contentment at Beaver Lake.” It is another stellar project between Advanced Outdoor, their partner Clockwork, and the Nicholas Family.

A serendipitous meeting led to this project. AOS was speaking at the Glamping Conference in Denver. While having breakfast in the hotel lobby, Kathleen was approached by a lady in desperate need of a Claritin. Kathleen apparently looked like someone who would travel with such, and the lady approached her asking is she had one and could spare one. That led to conversations about why we were all attending the conference. Later in the day, this couple stopped by the AOS booth and “Contentment” was birthed.

Once AOS and the team sat down with the Nicholas team, we knew their land, passion and skills would marry exceedingly well with our design, counsel, and industry knowledge. The results speak for themselves.

This one of a kind Glamping Resort is set on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. It will be the premier Glamping venue in Arkansas and will fulfill the dream of this family and how their land can serve generations of guests. Built with the environment in mind, guests will enjoy the bucolic setting while the design preserved the natural beauty.

We are beyond exciting to be a part of this project and working hand in hand with this family. Apart from being a stunning design, the clients are wonderful people who let us do our thing, while keeping with their budget and vision. We look forward to the doors opening and the guests who will build memories that will last a lifetime.

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Thank You Maine Campground Owners Association

It was a pleasure to present at the Maine Campground Owners annual conference on Friday April 1. It was no joke, April Fools or otherwise. The room was packed and the audience was well informed and asked pertinent questions. Thanks to all who participated.

As promised, here is a link to the PDF presentation I presented

Please let us know if we can assist you in managing your parks, assisting with site design and expansion, or answer questions to support you along the way.

Have a great 2022 season!

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A New Day For OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)

For two years, I have been working with a group that is ready to launch a revolutionary way to book RV sites. Take note of the above logo, and get ready to see it change the outdoor space.

BookOutdoors is getting ready to launch in May, and we could not be more excited. Every AOS park will be on this platform. Many PMS integrations are done or pending. If you want your PMS to connect, make it known to them.

Because they have been working with AOS and other industry operators, the functionality for RV parks will be spot on. They took every detail into account and spent almost two years creating the technology that works for both operators and guests. As an operator, I have worked with the team to make sure operators needs are addressed from start to finish.

This promo video was released this week.

Take a sneak peak here

Go to their website and get your park enrolled for early access. These guys are straight out of Silicon Valley and their CEO comes from GoDaddy. They are the real deal and it has been my pleasure to advise on such an outstanding product.

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Heading North

AOS is excited to announce our presentation this week in conjunction with our friends to the North.

Join us via zoom at

The 2022 Canadian Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo

Canada is a growing country for us and we could not be more excited to be speaking this week. “We will be presenting on “The Art of Revenue Management.” We will be live Thursday, March 10 at 1 PM.

With parks in Ontario and BC, this is a timely and important show for us. We appreciate our Canadian clients and thank them for the opportunity to be part of their association.

Check out the agenda here and make plans to join us for this time of learning all things Outdoor Hospitality. The lineup is stellar and you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your home office.

See you this week!

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OTA Booking Trends In The Digital Age

Traditional hospitality has always had a love/hate relationship with OTA’s. Outdoor Hospitality is no different. I cannot count the number of times parks have resisted connecting to OTA’s because of the commission they take from each booking. They do not take into account the number of nights they sell. Our data proves, they are well worth their commissions.

Outdoor hospitality has long been able to book Cabins and Roofed Accommodations on OTA’s. All AOS properties take full advantage of this capability. The new OTA’s coming for RV sites, such as Book Outdoors, will now allow RV enthusiasts to book RV sites via an OTA channel. AOS is ready to board their parks onto this exciting platform.

Still thinking of bucking the trend to OTA’s? Think again.

A new report by Amy Hinote of VRM Intel reports the following data from the vacation rental space:

New US data shows direct booking is down 19% YOY for professional vacation rentals in 2021. Airbnb is up 29%, and Vrbo is up 17% as a percentage of revenue. Is it due to more OTA marketing, less PM marketing, a new customer base, consolidation, or a lack of consumer education . . . or something else?”

Direct versus OTA Booking

What does this mean for you?

Make sure you connect to a PMS which allows you to a direct connect to multiple OTA channels, NOT just their channel. If a PMS only connects to their booking channel, they are NOT an OTA. They are a PMS with a website. There is a huge difference.

Secondly, stop bucking the trend. OTA’s are here to stay and you need to get on the train or you will indeed be left behind. If Marriott and Hilton believe there is value in OTA’s, trust me, there is value in OTA’s.

Finally, make sure you have good photos to use when you list your properties. Hire a local photographer to take well staged shots of your accommodations. Pictures sell sites.

These few helpful hints will get you selling nights and giving up the fight against the market leaders paving the way to your profitability.

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Meet The Team-Conan Bruce

Outdoor Hospitality demands team members who are focused, committed, and strive for excellence.

RV Park management is at the forefront of our services, and this ever growing arm of AOS means adding new team members.

Meet Conan Bruce, one of our dedicated Regional Managers at AOS. Conan lives and works out of the Washington DC area.

Conan Bruce joined us as a Regional Manager after finishing a 30+ year career in local, state, and federal government. Conan also recently retired from the US Army Reserves. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland (BS) and University of Baltimore (MPA). He lives in Leesburg Virginia with the two youngest of four daughters. He enjoys hiking and mountain biking in his free time. Managing his RV Parks is a job he does quite well!

Conan is focused on bringing the best in class services to our parks along the east coast. His most recent property is Wilderness Cove, a Glamping and Tubing property in North Carolina. He will be taking on four more AOS properties in the near future.

AOS is committed to our veterans and we are a proud employers of former service members from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines.

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Tracking the Trends

We have been writing a lot this week regarding revenue management strategies and how me implement these at AOS Parks.

One very important factor is to track demand for future dates. We all know holidays and special events create demand, but there are many other factors that affect demand. How to gauge it has been tough, until now.

January 2022, AOS is launching an exciting new technology to assist us with our already stellar revenue management services.

Below is a screenshot from a sample park showing demand for key future dates. By getting in front of high demand dates, we can start yielding rate aggressively and early. We can also set these features to show demand for different accommodation types, not treating everything with one broad stroke.

This new technology can be implemented anywhere in the US, with real time data points. Cutting edge, to say the least.

As always, AOS is ahead of the industry in new and exciting ways. “Thinking Outside The Tent,” is not just a tagline, it is how we manage our parks every day.

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What a Difference Some Days Make: Variable MLOS Targets

2022 budgets are in the books! We are now excited to rock this coming year and make it happen for our client parks!!

While reviewing OTB numbers for 2022 (On the Books) we noticed a great trend-one we implemented this year for next. Namely, our variable MLOS requirements for high demand parks.

The data tells the tale:

We inherited this park in May 2021 and most of the years bookings had been placed.

Average Length of Stay was 2.72 nights in 2021.

With targeted MLOS rules, AOS more than doubled thus number with our 2022 ALOS at just shy of 7 nights. See below

2021 Average Length of Stay
2022 Average Length of Stay

Our Average Length of Stay went from less than 3 nights to almost 7 nights!!! These results happen when our revenue managers, GM’s, and Regionals work together to manipulate days, rates, and policies. Trends will dictate when to drop our MLOS to 3 nights, but for now, we are BOOKING!!

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Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.

As we head into Thanksgiving, we realize how very blessed we are to have traveled once more around the Sun.

This has been a year of victory and also one of loss. We lost a dear staff member to Pancreatic Cancer. We miss him daily.

It has also been a year of victory and growth. We are forever humbled by clients who have placed their trust in us. We can assure you, no one works harder to make your parks a success.

As we head into the Christmas season, we are excited to partner with non-profits across the US via our AOS Roots360 program. Each of our parks will be choosing a local charity to bless this season.

AOS corporate will be partnering with Thrive Women’s Ministry. Thrive mentors young single moms, teaches them job skills, houses them for a year, and puts them on the road to self-sufficiency. We are excited about being a part of their program.

We are forever grateful for our bounty and want to wish all partners, clients, team members, and vendors a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

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