Tracking the Trends

We have been writing a lot this week regarding revenue management strategies and how me implement these at AOS Parks.

One very important factor is to track demand for future dates. We all know holidays and special events create demand, but there are many other factors that affect demand. How to gauge it has been tough, until now.

January 2022, AOS is launching an exciting new technology to assist us with our already stellar revenue management services.

Below is a screenshot from a sample park showing demand for key future dates. By getting in front of high demand dates, we can start yielding rate aggressively and early. We can also set these features to show demand for different accommodation types, not treating everything with one broad stroke.

This new technology can be implemented anywhere in the US, with real time data points. Cutting edge, to say the least.

As always, AOS is ahead of the industry in new and exciting ways. “Thinking Outside The Tent,” is not just a tagline, it is how we manage our parks every day.

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What a Difference Some Days Make: Variable MLOS Targets

2022 budgets are in the books! We are now excited to rock this coming year and make it happen for our client parks!!

While reviewing OTB numbers for 2022 (On the Books) we noticed a great trend-one we implemented this year for next. Namely, our variable MLOS requirements for high demand parks.

The data tells the tale:

We inherited this park in May 2021 and most of the years bookings had been placed.

Average Length of Stay was 2.72 nights in 2021.

With targeted MLOS rules, AOS more than doubled thus number with our 2022 ALOS at just shy of 7 nights. See below

2021 Average Length of Stay
2022 Average Length of Stay

Our Average Length of Stay went from less than 3 nights to almost 7 nights!!! These results happen when our revenue managers, GM’s, and Regionals work together to manipulate days, rates, and policies. Trends will dictate when to drop our MLOS to 3 nights, but for now, we are BOOKING!!

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Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.

As we head into Thanksgiving, we realize how very blessed we are to have traveled once more around the Sun.

This has been a year of victory and also one of loss. We lost a dear staff member to Pancreatic Cancer. We miss him daily.

It has also been a year of victory and growth. We are forever humbled by clients who have placed their trust in us. We can assure you, no one works harder to make your parks a success.

As we head into the Christmas season, we are excited to partner with non-profits across the US via our AOS Roots360 program. Each of our parks will be choosing a local charity to bless this season.

AOS corporate will be partnering with Thrive Women’s Ministry. Thrive mentors young single moms, teaches them job skills, houses them for a year, and puts them on the road to self-sufficiency. We are excited about being a part of their program.

We are forever grateful for our bounty and want to wish all partners, clients, team members, and vendors a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Tooting Our Horn

We would like to say, “Congratulations,” to our General Managers Terri Todak and Becky Barnhouse and the entire AOS team!

Our KOA parks in Uniontown PA and Homerville Ohio were recently honored with both Founders Award and Presidents Award at the 2021 KOA annual convention.

Why is this such a big deal? Read below:


The KOA President’s Award is proudly presented to KOA campgrounds that excel in providing great camping facilities and consistently high levels of guest service. Chosen by KOA’s camping guests through satisfaction surveys and KOA’s own stringent quality inspection, recipients of the President’s Award are dedicated to providing great KOA camping.


Dave Drum, founder of Kampgrounds of America, was an extraordinary visionary and dreamer. The recipients of KOA’s premiere achievement, the KOA Founder’s Award, share Dave’s dream of providing the highest quality camping facilities while exceeding KOA guests’ expectations. As leaders in outdoor hospitality, KOA Founder’s Award recipients embody Dave’s vision of a KOA Nation providing excellence for generations of campers.

Recognizing KOA campgrounds for quality and excellence, this year KOA is pleased to award many of our locations with awards for the upcoming year. Campgrounds that qualify for our Founder’s Award also receive the President’s Award for their outstanding service an commitment to our campers.

Thank you to all team members who worked hard this year to make it happen. Like they say, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.”

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Meet Us On The Road

Once again, the AOS team will be on the road. This time, the national ARVC show in Raleigh NC.

This show takes place November 8-11 in Raleigh NC.

Please take the time to stop by our booth and say, “Hello.” We are booth 501.

We will have numerous team members with us on both the Operations and Land Planning side. If you wish to discuss 3rd Party Management or building or expanding your park, we are the booth for you!

We are taking appointments now for either booth time or meeting space time. Our calendars are getting filled, so if you want to make an appointment at the booth, please email me at kwalsh@advanced-outdoor-biz. We will gladly add you to the calendar.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Raleigh!

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Meet Me In The Mountains

AOS is headed west this week! We are pleased to be part of the 2021 Glamping Show taking place outside Denver.

Once again, Kathleen is a featured speaker and will be presenting one of her most requested topics, “Governmental Hurdles and How To Overcome Them.”

Make plans to attend this event to learn from her 20 years of experience in overcoming obstacles and getting resorts thought the approval process.

A welcome addition to this seminar will be AOS In House Counsel, J. Michael Hannon.

Michael started his career as a federal prosecutor with the US Attorney’s Office in Washington DC. He then left government and founded Hannon Law Group on Capital Hill. He serves as Founder and Partner at HLG.

Micheal now works full time with Advanced Outdoor as Chief Counsel and can assist AOS clients in dealing with the sticky wickets than can be government red tape.

We will also be manning our booth at the Trade Show both Wednesday and Thursday. We look forward to meeting each of you. If you would like one on one time, We HIGHLY suggest reaching out to make an appointment. Our booth is BUSY and time slots fill up fast.

Reach out to Bob Gillcash at if you need some booth time.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Denver!!

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Data Nerds Rejoice

If you love data, you will LOVE our new dashboard reports.

We have been promising our clients these reports and we finally have them- released this week.

Now with the click of a button, clients can view their financial data every day of the month in real time.

Here are just a few of the graphs included in our dashboards. Parks identity are hidden and both are new to AOS in 2021:

We are thrilled to be the first to offer these deep data dives to our clients. One click on any graph leads to the details behind the data.

Next up, our new pacing reports built between our PMS systems and Zoho Analytics. These will contain detailed comparison data week over week and year over year. We are in the final BETA of the new pacing and all should be released by November 1.

Happy Data Parsing to all AOS clients!!

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High Fives All Around

We would like to be one of the first to say, “Congratulations,” to our clients the Knapp family on the news their AOS/OHG designed park, “Cabana Club,” has been acquired by Margaritaville Resorts.

We first met this wonderful family at FARVC and we quickly went from consultants to friends. Designing their former blueberry farm into a stunning five star resort was a labor of love.

We worked together for two years drawing and reworking the plan, the market, the rates, the technology and finally opening the doors.

AOS could not have asked for a better group of siblings. It is bittersweet to see it sold, but we are thrilled for the family.

We know Margaritaville will be a stellar addition to Central Florida and guests will continue to enjoy the luxurious amenities at this fine park.

Congratulations to all!

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Training At The Beach-Yes Please!!

Once again, the AOS regional managers have gathered for their annual conference.

This time, the conference is being held in beautiful Bethany Beach Delaware.

This conference is an important tool in keeping our regional managers up to date on all things Outdoor Hospitality.

The goal, as always, is to equip our RM’s with the tools to equip your parks. 

Training topics will include:

  • Budgeting for Success
  • How to remove guests safely and legally from a park
  • Managing and exceeding expectations
  • Activities for your parks
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Guests’ guidelines versus Tenant Law
  • Road trip to nearby resort parks-designed by AOS and flipped to Sun

All RM’s in the AOS portfolio will also spend time in Roundtable discussions-learning from each other about what makes their parks tick.

Lastly, off hours will be spent with some beach time and meals together. 

Our RM’s work hard to make sure your parks meet and exceed the goals set forth. Each Monday the week is kicked off with RM meetings and Wednesdays are RM trainings. However, this annual in person conference gives them the opportunity to dive deep with leaders in the industry.

Here’s to a great week!!

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Thank You Team Members

As we celebrate Labor Day, we want to say a heartfelt, “Thank you,” the the AOS team members across the US.

These wonderful folks welcomed thousands of guests this season and helped create a lifetime of memories for friends, families, and adventure travelers.

Often short staffed and overworked, our team members were committed to their parks and exemplified customer service to those entering their campgrounds.

As the second season begins in the North, Northeast, West, and Midwest, those in the South and Southwest are gearing up for their peak season. We know they too will carry on the proud AOS tradition of customer centric service and welcoming atmosphere at your parks.

Not to be forgotten are the hardworking folks at AOS corporate. I work along side these fine people every day, and I am honored that they chose AOS as their work home.

Every week our AOS staff holds calls with the park team members to assist in everything from revenue strategy, risk mitigation, marketing, and operations. I see their dedication each and every day and they are a very important part of what makes us tick.

As Americans enjoy a day off, we want to honor you for your work and dedication. Thank you from your guests and us!!

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