“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” Fred R. Barnard

Fred R. Barnard is the advertising executive who first spoke these famous words. He said this he was referring to book jackets, and how the graphic on the front of a book could be the very thing that entices people to purchase it.

Little did he know how advertising would change and how much more true these words are now than ever before.

We sent our in house team out to shoot some of our parks this past week. The images they shot will completely revitalize these parks websites and show the bucolic nature and settings of each.

Case in point, the two photos below.

The first photo below is from the old website. It is dark, pixelated, and unwelcoming.

The second photo is from our recent shoot. It is focused, the lighting is right, and it invites the viewer to come and sit a spell by a lovely pond. Same location-vastly different look and feel.

Pixelated, Dark and Unwelcoming

When it comes to your property, DO NOT cut corners on good photos and video. Today’s outdoor enthusiasts shop and book online. Your photos are their first impression of your park. Make sure it is an inviting one.

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Upping our Game-Exciting New AOS Offerings

AOS is always on the lookout for ways to enhance our properties and our processes.

In light of this, we have some exciting new offerings for our clients.

Accounting is one of our strengths and we have switched accounting software to better serve our clients needs. We are moving to a platform that allows for more precise budgeting, ability to upload actual photos of invoices, and streamlined cloud based access. This allows any and all clients to not only know their invoices are paid, but actually login to see copies of the invoices and checks.

We have added FAA drone certification and CADD renderings to our in house services. Here are just a few examples of our marketing departments work. These renderings are invaluable when marketing a new build or presenting to governmental entities.

Amenities Area
Yurt Village

Even more exciting for us is our new “AOS Pathways” program. AOS Pathways (Career Development) is a structured, collaborative time for those employees who wish to develop their professional skills in order to enhance their careers. There will be dedicated time with AOS staff work on the foundational skills needed to develop into a higher role. Managers can recommend one staff member per period to take part in the course. If you are interested you should let your manager know. They will let you know when the courses are available. 

Coaching Opportunities- We believe in paving the path for others to succeed. AOS will work with all managers to implement a coaching structure that encourages self reflection and improvement throughout the year, ultimately resulting in a higher performance by engaged employees. Performance- based evaluations are held once a year.  

We are always enhancing and adding services to serve you better. Hope to see you soon at both the Glamping Conference in Colorado and ARVC in Tennessee. Happy Friday!

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