Cottages versus Site Mix

January 20, 2018
AOS Cottages installed at one of our Mid Atlantic Client Properties

One of the questions most often asked by new clients/developers is, “Should I include Cottages or Cabins in my site mix?” No doubt, they cost more to purchase, set-up, an install when compared to developing a traditional RV site, but in the right setting, the ROI on these units can be considerably higher.

Cottages or cabins allow you to reach beyond those who own RV’s and connect with the general traveling public.

The other consideration to give to cottages or cabins is the fact that the OTA’s will list these on their sites, opening you and your resort to a much wider audience. Sites like and Expedia will only book “Roofed Accommodations,” meaning your RV sites will not be listed, but your cottages and cabins can be included in their “Specialty Lodging” categories.

Both Mosaic and Mosaic Advanced can provide a true two way interface to these sites. According to the client whose cottages are shown in this link, their off-season cottage occupancy more than doubled based on OTA bookings.

All these points are reasons we may want to consider adding Cottages to your Mix. Let us work the numbers for you and see how to create the best site/cottage mix for your resort.