Empowering your Team

March 19, 2018

Micromanaging is not our style, It never has been our style. What IS our style is hiring great people and equipping them to do their thing!

We think this is one of the reasons the AOS team has had very little turnover at either our properties or our company as a whole. When you empower team members, you invite them into the decision making process with you, and good team members will thrive,

For example, we give front desk team members an allowance of one day’s rate to make a guest happy. This is their budget. They do not need to ask permission, or find a manager. They have the power.

Not only does this give them a “Budget” to work with, it also makes for a fantastic guest experience and quick and easy resolution of problems. The guest does not have to stand at the front desk or wait for a manager for their problem to be solved. Problems are expressed and the front desk team knows what the limits are to make the guest happy. Most of the time, it is done then and there with no further interaction.

Additionally, we have watched with interest at how the team member tries many attempts to settle the dispute for less than their allotted amount. They will try several other ways of appeasement before spending their budgeted amount.

It is fascinating to watch employees blossom when given the motivation and the tools for great customer service. Guests walk away satisfied and team members go on to even greater responsibilities because we trusted them in the decision making process.