Extended Stay Trending

August 24, 2018

When thinking of park mix, transient sites versus extended stay sites and cabins are always a large part of the conversation.

Industry reports suggest even some hotels are trending toward this type of lodging. In a Skift report posted this week, the mid range brand Red Roof Inn discussed diving deeper into the extended stay market.

“Capitalizing on the popularity of extended stay brands with midscale hotel chains, Columbus, Ohio-based Red Roof is adding to its portfolio HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof, and in some instances, HomeTowne Suites by Red Roof.

If HomeTowne sounds familiar, that’s because it’s an existing extended stay brand that is owned by an investor group that’s led by Red Roof’s owner, Westmont Hospitality Group.

To launch the new sub-brand HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof, the company plans to initially spend more than $50 million to convert more than 30 existing hotel properties in 20 markets, compiling nearly 4,000 rooms, some of which are hotels that are owned by Westmont and other investors. This is Red Roof’s first foray into extended stay.”

When thinking of an extended stay mix in your park, take a look at some things that my lead you to establish extended stay sites or cottages. Some of the questions you may ask yourself are:

Are there an abundance of short term jobs in your area that require temporary help?

Does your area run seasonal amenities that demand out of area staffing?

Are there local universities that bring in traveling staff or hospitals that employ traveling nurses?

These are just a few of the things to consider when figuring out how to manage your guest mix-which leads to how to spend on your amenity mix. AOS always helps our clients figure out who to target, how to target them, and how to make their experience a great one once they arrive!