Food Failures a Warning Sign?

May 8, 2018

This week in Business Insider, there was a troubling article about the demise of the Fast and Fast Casual Food Industry. Though we are not in food, we can take a valuable lesson away and learn from their mistakes.

The premise of the article is how this industry has failed to adapt to the changes in the population it seeks to serve. In particular, the article states:

“While “Millennials are Killing” headlines have been mocked by many, the generational shift has hit restaurants hard. Many concepts were designed with baby boomers in mind, and simply were not able to shift gears to meet millennial demands.”

Is this you and your park? Is you park setup to appeal to travelers who will be leaving the market all while failing to reach the new generation of traveler? Are you spending money on outdated amenities while failing to understand what your park will need to attract an emerging market?

Is your technology cumbersome, outdated, and unappealing?

Take a warning from our fellow free market partners in food and pay attention to what is up and coming in order to hit-and not miss-the mark!