Garbage In = Garbage Out

January 24, 2018

It can be a daunting task to wade through all the PMS systems available to resort owners and property managers.

Cloud-based or hosted on site, tape chart or map bookings, site specific or site type reservations, seasons and rates…it can be a bit overwhelming.

While most systems can do the basics, and many are eye-candy on the front end, it is the back end development and operational know how that really makes a system tick. This is where AOS, Mosaic and Mosaic Advanced come into play.

We combine our operational and financial experience with rock solid technology to make your system work for you and not against you.  We help you set up your system in a way that pays off financially. Things like Comp Sets, Seasonal Structuring, and Hot Dates help us help you to make more money and stay competitive at the same time.

Our rate managers come straight from the hotel industry that has perfected this technique. They understand how to set up your system and rates to make the most of our seasons and get your ADR and Occupancy rates where they need to be.

Remember, software is just a tool-the training we provide on of how to use it and use it well is the reason we say we are “A Partner; not A Product.”