Gen Z and Millennial Are Not Just Buzzwords We Can Ignore

February 20, 2019

When we speak at seminars or with clients, and we tell them their guests are changing, it is not just blowing smoke and trying to get them on board with our cutting edge technologies, it is real, verifiable, and data driven. As Phocus Wire,” outlined in a recent article:

“Generation Z and Millennials are more than just buzz words. Today’s younger generations are redefining the rules of engagement and asserting their role in purchasing decisions—for both themselves, and their families—and travel is no exception.

New global research from Expedia Group Media Solutions illustrates that there are real differences in what influences younger generations to book leisure travel and extend business trips for leisure.

Generation Z is becoming the largest generation in many markets; they are quickly gaining financial independence and they are traveling for business – their value should not to be overlooked by brands. Some of the questions parks need to answer are as follows:

  • What drives travel decisions for Gen Z and Millennial travelers
  • Which devices and which platforms they use when considering and when booking travel
  • What the purchase timeline looks like for Gen Z and Millennial travelers
  • How brands can inspire, engage, and convert Gen Z and Millennial travelers”

Our highly skilled marketing team at AOS has their ear to the ground and they know what drives this segment of society. Our entire marketing team is comprised of young people who grew up in this age group and know how to relate. They are also highly tech savvy and get the most bang for your marketing bucks! Reaching, and more importantly, converting, this demographic is one of the ways to fill empty sites and make sure you are profitable for years to come.