Group Bookings Made Easy

August 1, 2018

If anyone has ever dealt with AOS, they know we abide by the rule, “If we can get technology to do it-then we are on board!”

Group Bookings is one of the processes that fall under this rule. One of the high end features of Mosaic Advanced is the Group Booking Code. Once a Wagon Master has called to book a group, Mosaic Advanced takes it from there. You simply set aside the number of sites and site types requested, and you can assign a unique booking code to the group. Only the group can access the sites and rates assigned to the code.

Once this code of offered to the group, your front desk staff is off the hook! Groups make their reservations online using the group code, and everyone is smiling all the way to the rally! Groups love the ease of booking, and parks love the savings on time and payroll dollars.

Call us and allow our tech team to show you just how powerful Mosaic Advanced is and how it pays for itself in both increased revenue and payroll dollars saved!