Have It Your Way With Mosaic Advanced

June 5, 2018

If you have a few years on you, the “Have It Your Way,” slogan is a well remembered one.

Burger King used it to speak to the customized way they would cook and serve your burger. For Mosaic Advanced Users, this slogan rings loud and clear!

It is hard to even begin to mention all the ways you can manage your park with this software. One of the ones our guests really love is the way you can setup your rate tables.

Say you are a snowbird park, and you fill up with monthly guests. However, you may often have guests who only wish to stay for a month and a half, or two months and three days. Whatever the scenario, Mosaic Advanced allows you to choose how to charge these guests. If someone is staying 39 Nights, you can choose to charge them the same monthly ADR for the entire stay, or you may decide to break it down. For example,

Joe Smith Stays 39 nights and your rates are as follows:

$895 a Month

$300 a Week

$59 per Day

With Mosaic Advanced, you can choose to charge Joe in the following ways:

39 days at the monthly ADR of $22.95 ($895/30) or $29.83 per day for a grand total of $1163.67

Or You can Charge Joe

30 Days at the Monthly Rate $895, 1 week at the weekly rate $ 300, and 2 days at the daily rate $59×2

For a grand Total of  $1313.00

Either way, you get to choose how you charge your guest. This is just one of the ways our smart technology permits you to change the pricing based on how YOU want to work it-not the way your system dictates it be done! You might even decide to start with Example 1, but change it to Example 2 as you gain occupancy and have less inventory.

Have it your way…oh yes, you can!