Help Us Help You

August 9, 2018

We are knee deep in on-boarding new properties, and the phrase, “Help Me Help You,” often comes to mind. So many times, we fight well entrenched thoughts and processes that simply make no sense!

When it comes to change, it never comes easy. We understand how tough it can be to take your park into the brave new world of Outdoor Hospitality. Rate Yielding, Online Bookings, Social Media Marketing, and CRM are all scary terms to the outdoor world. Add to this the structure of Job Descriptions, Park Rules, Site Standards, and Work Camping Agreements, and some parks are blown away by the realization that they have been running without any sort of direction in these departments.

Enter AOS. We take the lead in implementing processes and standards that elevate the property and help all team members to understand the mission of the park. Additionally, guests quickly learn the quality of your park and rise to the challenge. Where we had lax rules and sub-standard sites, we now see team effort, organization, and guests who get with the program.

Let AOS take on the task of getting your team members and your guests on-board and watch it increase your bottom line and overall site reviews.