Hipsters on the Highway

December 2, 2017

Park owners take heed…your clientele is changing QUICKLY and you need to keep pace.

This WSJ article is a clarion call to park owners everywhere. You no longer have the luxury of sitting back with your old software, reservation request forms, yearly rate sheets, and outdated marketing plan. The industry is changing, and to stay stuck in the past means you are missing out on the biggest wave of RV owners coming into the industry.

Our innovative technology, Mosaic Advanced, and marketing plans mean we get your park out in front of this generation. They are mobile, they work virtually, and the only time they would pick up a travel guide as big a a phone book is when they throw it in the fire and use it as kindling.

Interactive Apps, Blogs, digital media/advertising, and cutting edge technology is the way to get to this generation. Add to that the must have amenities, and you will have what you need to get out in front of the competition.