Is Your Park Suffering From A Sick Culture?

February 7, 2019

One of the most rewarding services we offer is “RV Park Rescue.”

It is basically CPR for RV parks. This arm of our company focuses on turning underperforming parks into revenue making machines.

One thing is for sure, it is painful. The other thing to be sure of is, it is necessary and most of the time, long overdue.

We are going to take “Park A” as an example.

AOS was brought into this park one year ago. It was dirty, junky, rules and expectations were non-existent, and it had guests who enjoyed a squatter mentality at an extremely low average daily rate. The staff ran the park into the ground, enabled the guests, and did very little to run the park in the absence of the owners. It was sick.

An initial audit of this park revealed a diamond in the rough. It has great amenities, but they were dirty and not approved for usage by the county. It has full hookup sites, cabins, and tent sites, but these were  occupied by guests who cluttered the park, abused the amenities, and paid a very low rate. It had no PMS system, no online booking system, an outdated website, and no cohesive marketing program.

The location was near state parks and military bases, but it needed help. It needed the be rescued.

We signed on and immediately got to work. We stationed a team member on site for several months, and started ripping off the band-aids.

Within that same period of time-we lost numerous guests who were not happy with the changes and the rules enforcement. On a single day, eight long term guests pulled out and the owner panicked. We tried to redeem staff, but they would not get on board with the changes, so they were dismissed. The entire park was emptying out-and that was necessary.

Within two months, the park was cleaned, painted, scrubbed, closed amenities were opened and rates starting to yield up. It had an online booking engine up and running, the cabins were on Air B&B,, Expedia, and VRBO, and they park was turning around quickly.

Within a few short months, this park was sparkling clean, had new staff, and was humming on marketing and reservations. It made more money than it had ever made and is now a gem in the area and a popular spot with vacationers and long term residents.

It is just one of the many success stories we have at AOS. We do the hard work that is needed to get a park on the right track. It is never easy, and the owners can get nervous, but if they allow us to do our thing, we can hand them a well oiled, revenue generating machine and a park that can be everyone’s pride and joy!