Know Your Product

April 2, 2018

This morning I was reading an article in the publication, “Business Insider.” It was an interesting case study on a well known retailer and their marketing strategy.

It seems one of their product lines is doing well, and the rest are struggling. Instead of targeting the struggling section and offering incentives and discounts on just those products, they decided to discount their entire brand-not just the struggling areas. By making this sweeping change, they discounted items that were selling well at regular price, further damaging their bottom line.

When it comes to your park, think through your discounting strategies. A blanket “Discount” is most often not in your best interest. Think through which site types do well, and which ones lag behind, and focus your incentives on the later. Also, consider holding back on discounts during peak times like holidays and weekends.

Many campgrounds offer discounts anytime throughout the year. They also offer them on all site types. This thought process cheapens your best sellers and robs you of revenue on your bottom line.