Let Mosaic Advanced Do the Work for You

July 21, 2018

When running a busy resort park or campground, remembering all the information you want to communicate can be a never ending task. Who has the time?

With Mosaic Advanced-you do! Our triggered correspondence option allows you to choose from an endless list of triggers to automatically send your marketing or informational emails to guests or potential guests.

Did you send a quote to a guest and they have not booked? Trigger a reminder for them to complete their reservation. Rather than hoping they call back and book, you can send reminders, tease them with specials, or send bookable links.

Want to send your on site activities to guests before their arrival? Trigger an email to them attached to your calendar a few days prior to arrival.

The uses are endless-store specials, happy hours, local excursions, the possibilities are only limited my your imagination.

Call us today for a demo! You will understand why ADVANCED is part of our name!