Let Us be Your Eyes and Ears

April 19, 2018

One of the great, “Behind the Scene,” things we do for our clients is keep an eye on their data and performance. While most park owners and managers are busy tending to their day to day operations, we at the AOS office’s are data wonks! WE LOVE DATA, and we look at in day in and day out.

While staff and owners tend to look at the surface data such as: Arrivals, Departures, Revenue Collected, and Reservations Booked, we take a much deeper approach.

We look at things like pickup and pacing, performance of targeted marketing efforts, if your sites are selling to slowly or too quickly at a certain rate, and rate yielding depending upon the aforementioned criteria. We also collect your surveys and monitor them so we can alert you of potential problems. We combine all the data into easily digested reports and graphs.

Just today, we alerted a property of surveys coming in mentioning problems with their WiFi. Upon investigation, they found bad wiring on their line. We alerted another client of a successful marketing effort toward an event in their area-and that if the trend continues-we will suggest raising their rate for the event.

All of this data analysis is done by our staff as part of your Mosaic Services. When we say, “A Partner not a Product,” we mean it!