Let Us Do Your Heavy Lifting

September 30, 2018

As we go into parks and begin managing them, our first order of business is an audit of current practices, pricing, and staffing. As we work with our owners, we often find areas in need of attention. Team members may need to be re-trained or replaced. Guests or owners may have become too lax in abiding by the rules, and they need to be reminded of their responsibilities. Processes are either broken or not in place, and changes need to be made.

This is where our management becomes a key to your park’s success. Way too often, owners and GM’s have become friends and family to team members and guests, rendering them unwilling or unable to make the changes needed to make them a more well-run organization. Replacing staff, restructuring rules, removing guests are an unpleasant, but often a very necessary start to greater profitability. AOS creates the buffer between the owners and the property by taking on the hard jobs and becoming the “Agents of Change.” Our professional team handles these matters in a legal, moral, and ethical manner. However, we are firm in our resolve and clear in our expectations.

In our experience, we almost always identify some key employees who welcome our professional approach and embrace the park as their own. They appreciate the clear guidelines and are excited to work with AOS on the path forward.

Our staff and in-house counsel make sure we follow all state, federal and local laws-keeping you on the up and up and taking the very hard challenges off your plate.