Listen-Even if it Hurts

April 4, 2018

When I was serving as COO at a large development company, I went into every Monday knowing it would be a long day.

8:30 AM brought the time when I had to present Occupancy and Revenue numbers to the developers/owners. I was also responsible for present the Pacing reports showing the pickup over the last week and projections for the year ahead.

After these meetings, I spent most of the rest of Monday morning/afternoon reading Guest Survey responses and preparing to present them to the resort team at a 2 PM afternoon session.

My bosses could not believe I took the time to read all the surveys, but in my opinion, I could not afford not to read them! Some were encouraging, some were informative, and some were downright painful. Each and every one of them helped me to get into the head of our guests. Instead of guessing at what we were doing right and wrong, the surveys provided me with the solid data I needed to make informed managerial decisions. They helped me keep my finger on the pulse of what was happening inside our large resorts.

Surveys also helped me to monitor and reward the performance of those in the background. When the surveys consistently mentioned the cleanliness of the bathrooms, I could make sure the Housekeeping Supervisor was rewarded in some way. When a guest raved about our night maintenance man, and how he held the flashlight for them when they arrived late at night, we could let him know his gestures were appreciated.

When guests addressed issues or concerns that were legitimate, we were able to reach out to the guest, thanking them and offering to make it up to them in some way.

We make sure all our managed properties have a survey link on their departure letters. In Mosaic or Mosaic Advanced, these letters can be automated to be sent at check out, and the information populated in an easy to tabulate format. When we listen to our guests, we have a clear path forward on how to keep them coming back time and time again.