Look for Yourself-Not All Booking Engines Are The Same

September 20, 2018

When it comes to online bookings, campgrounds and outdoor hospitality venues are slowly realizing they need online bookings. They are learning that potential guests-even older ones-are going to go to their smartphones to make their decisions.

We started online bookings at one of our properties just five days ago. In five short days they have booked almost $1000 in revenue. Additionally, guests are staying on their website and booking off their AOS created and SEO optimized site. Payroll dollars saved, reservations booked, money collected-and Google rankings increased. This is an AOS managed park that is up 25% in revenue over last month. This is no small number!

If you have online bookings, take a look at how your reservation system books these sites. If the “Book Now,” link takes the guest off your site and onto a third party booking engine site (no names mentioned-but we know who they are) you have the wrong system and need MOSAIC. We NEVER take a guest away from your website to book off site, NEVER. The guest stays on your site, your Google rankings go higher. PLUS,  there is no chance of a guest seeing a competitor and being lured away.

Test your site today and you will see what we mean. Most booking engines are not created with YOU in mind. Not so with Mosaic. We have your back-always have; always will.