Make Your List and Check it Twice

July 16, 2018

Being in hospitality makes me a rather discriminating guest. As I write this blog, some of my family members and I are renting a home in Big Bear CA. We rented it off an OTA and closely examined the list of amenities for the home. We know what we like and wanted to make sure it fit our needs.

Upon arrival, we were less than enthusiastic at what we found. The rental sleeps six, but the coffee maker is a four cup, there were mismatched place settings for three, and the four piece patio set was two broken down chairs with two tiny side tables.

The “Kids Room” is a closet with two tiny bunks built into the wall. Anyone brave enough to sleep here will find their nose touching the ceiling once settled on the top bunk. The plan was to have one grandson and one child in this room-but given the setup, we had to make alternative plans.

Why is this a lesson for you as a park owner? It means you better make your list and double check it to ensure what you say you are offering is actually what you ARE offering. If you say you offer amenities, make sure you not only offer them, but they are operational and in good repair.

If you offer a deck with furniture, offer a nice deck (not like this ugly peeling deck at our rental) and furniture that is clean and useable. If you offer TV, leave an accurate channel lineup an a remote with working batteries. When you make your online claims, you do yourself a huge favor by double checking these claims and updating them as things change.

Most of all, make sure your your park matches the picture you paint on your website description. If not, you will find what our host will find, unhappy customers who leave a less than stellar review about your property. In this day and age of social media and online reviews, you simply cannot afford to be less than forthcoming about what guests will find when they decide to stay with you.