Managing Your Bookings for You

September 11, 2018

When it comes to bookings, the goal is always to close the deal when the guest is on the phone, Sometimes, the guest is not ready to book, do not have their credit card handy, or may want to speak to their spouse or group before booking.

Mosaic Advanced has you covered. With most PMS systems, when a guest is not booked on the call, the park relies on the guest to call back. This puts the burden on the guest to call back, and possibly choose another option.

Mosaic Advanced is pro-active and we do not wait for guests to come back to you! We go back to them and grab them for you.

Our software gives out clients the ability to follow up the call by sending the guest bookable quotes. Once this process takes place, the guest falls into the CRM (included in our software) as a hot lead. The park can set up triggered emails to reach out to the hot lead list, reminding them to book, or even offer a special offer to lure them in, Our CRM tracks if the guest has viewed the email, and can send selected follow up emails depending on the status of their lead email.

We believe in active marketing and going after revenue. With Mosaic Advanced, we give you the tools to get guests booked and on their way to your property!