March Coming in Like a Lamb for This AOS Client

March 1, 2018

Satisfied customers are always calling or emailing me to let me know how well they are doing with our rate yielding services. Just this morning we received this email from one of our clients:

Hi Kathleen

Here are the February numbers. Look at the growth over January. As time went by and we were able to take more reservations out (redacted) and our numbers increased. Never did we think we would reach these numbers. Totally amazing!


What did we do for this client? We installed their new PMS system, analyzed their competitive set, reset their seasons, and started yielding their rates. They will be up over 100% year over year…yes, over 100% growth!

We do not promise every client this sort of stellar growth, but we do promise that installing Mosaic and working with our rate yielding team will cause you to be priced right and add more dollars to your revenue stream.

When you add Advanced Outdoor Solutions Management to your property, we not only work on the income stream, but also start controlling expenses and managing the marketing. Our team walks with you through each of the processes and makes sure you are ahead of your competition!