Meet the Team-Director of Marketing

December 1, 2018

After having just returned from ARVC, we realized many of you do not know some of the key members of our staff. To correct this, each month we are going to highlight one of the members of our talented team.

This month’s team member is Daina Behe, our Director of Marketing.

Daina’s undergrad degree is in Communications and she earned her Masters in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers). She started her focus on outdoor hospitality when working as the Creative Marketing Manager for Blue Water Development in Ocean City MD. This is where she and Kathleen crossed paths and started their collaboration on RV Parks and Campgrounds.

When AOS needed the best and the brightest to lead their marketing department, Daina was a the top of the list.

Daina leads the AOS Marketing team members and works directly with our clients to build their websites, optimize their online presence, and make the most of their marketing dollars. She creates their marketing materials, manages their social media sites, and designs all promotional materials for AOS and their portfolio of clients. She is an expert at making digital marketing work for our RV Parks and Campgrounds and gets the most bang for the buck out our clients promotional budgets.

Daina is also a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and health coach. She is married to a charter fisherman and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle.

Daina makes our clients her top priority and makes each of them comfortable when speaking with them about cutting edge technology. She is a key member of the AOS team and we are blessed to have her. She can be reached at