Mind Blown in the Outdoor Hospitality World

February 7, 2018

The team and I have been honored to either speak or are going to be speaking at many of your parks and associations. It is always an honor to be able to present relevant information to the industry.

Most often, we are asked to speak on Revenue Management. Terms like Yielding, Revpas, Revpos, ADR, and the Hubbard Room Rate Formula leave many of our attendees scratching their heads at this valuable, yet new to them, information.

Clients who have been implementing our strategies have seen real results. In the coming days I will be sharing anonymously very real data, from clients who have benefited from the rate yielding services AOS has to offer. Their permission has been given to present their data, though their park names will be redacted.

In anticipation of our upcoming speaking engagements, we will use our blog to begin to educate our industry colleagues on yielding and pricing strategies for their parks. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to get this, and other beneficial tips on how to increase your bottom line.