One Bad Apple …You Know the Rest

April 24, 2018

One of the most challenging parts of running a park is properly, and legally, handling HR challenges. Most of the time, things run smoothly. However, we all know the saying, “One Bad Apple Can Ruin the Whole Bunch.” Whoever came up with this phrase, must have been an employer!

Our clients are often reluctant to address personnel issues due to the fact that they have formed familial type bonds with their team members. This can create problems when there is a matter to be addressed, but the owner or GM is afraid to upset the connection with the employee. This is where having a third party management company helps!

Our HR members are fair, but firm, and provide that buffer the park owners often need. As any parent knows, sometimes your voice can become like Charlie Brown’s teacher, a constant sound that creates no sense of urgency. When we address matters on behalf of our clients, we make sure things get done timely, urgently, and most of all, LEGALLY! We have had great success in motivating employees who have grown accustomed to sub-par performance. Often, they appreciate the newfound sense of structure and a clear path forward.

When this is not the case, our HR team follows our clearly defined process for improvement. Well defined points of progress are communicated to the staff member in the anticipation of them getting on board and back on track.

When all else fails, and there is no change, we take on the difficult task(s) of releasing a team member and replacing them. This is the course of last resort for everyone, but if the toxicity of a team member continues, it does indeed cause turmoil through the entire park and can lead to sub-par guest experiences.