Founder & CEO

Kathleen Walsh

is Founder and President of Advanced Outdoor Solutions. She began her career as Chief Financial Officer for a large outdoor hospitality developer before launching AOS. She has managed and developed over 500 million dollars in real estate venues since starting AOS in 2014. She is a well known speaker and travels the US presenting to associations and industry groups. Kathleen’s passion for the outdoor hospitality knows no bounds and she works tirelessly to ensure all AOS clients are headed in the right direction. 

Chief Legal Officer

J. Michael Hannon

Michael Hannon founded HANNON LAW GROUP in May of 2006 to expand the range of legal resources available to his clients. He is an experienced trial and appellate attorney, and a former federal prosecutor.

Mike is now actively engaging as legal counsel for AOS and their team. When management meets legal, Mike’s years of experience guides the team through the often confusing issues facing our parks. Federal law, land use issues, code language, and HR matters are just some of the areas where he lends a helping hand.

Director of Operations

Rachel Godbout

Rachel is the Director of Operations for Advanced Outdoor Solutions, working with clients to help identify various opportunities in order to maximize growth potential and revenue. She believes that being able to identify specified target markets, gaps in process and new opportunities, as well as utilizing cutting edge technology, is a recipe for success. She has vast experience in both outdoor hospitality and with the indoor Marriott Brand.

Rachel’s passion for the RV Industry can be traced back to Castaway’s RV Resort in Ocean City, MD, where she spent significant time working on Business Development and Marketing alongside Kathleen Walsh. Their partnership created a multi million dollar revenue stream which generated national attention, became the first 10/10/10 rated park in Maryland, and was sold at a substantial profit to a US based REIT. Rachel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Systems from the University of Pittsburgh, and Master’s Degree in Marketing Systems from The Florida Institute of Technology. She is a certified Event Planner, certified in CRM Implementation, and is a recognized community service member.

Social Media & Video Specialist

Caleb Ochse

Caleb is our social media and video specialist. Caleb also holds the official FAA Drone Certification and creates all of our drone video. He is a skilled photoshop operator and edits many of the great photos you see on our property sites.

Director of Marketing

Jim George

Jim is our Director of Marketing and leads our team of experts. Jim is an SEO and Keywords master, Google Adwords certified, and runs our entire digital and print marketing department.

Web Developer

Adam Csiszar

Adam is our WordPress website creator. Adam is highly skilled in all things WordPress and all our sites are built by Adam in conjunction with our marketing team. 

Software & Tech Support


Anthony serves as overall software and technology support. Anthony works with our marketing team to ensure their OTA channels are up to date, have great photos, and their presence is a professional one. He also works with our clients under construction to work their chat channels and take bookings while under construction. 

Lead Bookkeper

Christy Wheeler

Christy is our lead bookkeeper at AOS. She works with our clients doing night audits, posting revenue, billing, collections, and reconciling their PMS systems to their revenue and bookings.

AP Bookkeper

Christina Treviso

Christina is our AP bookkeeper. She automates the payments of all properties AP and sets up vendor, contractor, and operations payments. She is often the pleasant voice you hear when you call our Florida office.

HR Coordinator & Zoho Lead

Kristy Schmitt

Kristy Schmitt and her HR team serve as the HR department at AOS. She is also our Zoho Administrator lead at AOS. She assists all AOS clients with tickets for accounting, facilities, office, and software support. All HR on-boarding and HR related items are run by her desk. She is our Zoho master and keeps all properties running smoothly on this platform.

Revenue Management Lead

Chris Gleblick

Chris is based in Florida and leads our revenue management department. Chris is well versed in revenue management having started his career in Indoor Hospitality as a revenue manager for Marriott. We are thrilled he came into the great outdoors as part of the AOS team.