Preparing for the Worst

December 8, 2017

This week, the AOS Executives have been on the road. One of the stops, Southern California. It is with heavy hearts that we drove through miles of smoke and flames as wildfires took their toll on neighborhoods, wildlife, and families across the region.

Sadly, we have extensive experience in preparing our resorts for emergency situations. AOS has properties across the country, and Emergency Preparedness Plans are one of the first plans we put into place.

We have evacuated full resorts when natural disasters have been bearing down on them. A well laid plan prevents last minute panic on the part of both team members and guests. For new builds, most local governments are going to require such a plan be in place before permits are issued.

We have a rich history of close communication with local first responders. This teamwork allows our team to work hand in hand with the local community to keep everyone safe in an emergency. Guests will know their safety is of utmost importance and your resort can face any disaster with a well laid plan!