Revenue Management for Campgrounds -Next Steps

December 15, 2018

When we speak to potential clients about revenue management, they often think we take a “Set It and Forget It,” mentality to managing their rates. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In this Powerpoint, our Revenue Manager, Kevin outlines some of the sophisticated strategies we use to mange rates for our clients. We use a combination of our Campground PMS Systems, Analytics, Comp Set Analysis, and data parsing to name a few.

Some parks think they are managing rate when they set their rates to increase X when occupancy reaches X. This is not much better than leaving them unyielded. Rates MUST beĀ  managed daily, which is why hotels hire rate managers. Software alone cannot make the decisions necessary for proper revenue management. Review the Power Point attached and see what AOS has to offer. We mange rates for all of our parks the same way high end hotel mangers adjust rate. Our rate yielding strategies bring real dollars to your bottom line and more than pays for the cost of our services. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive review of what we can do for you.