Road Trip Ramblings

August 28, 2018

Currently, I am sitting in the airport in Louisville KY awaiting my flight home. I just wrapped up a long road trip, visiting current clients and looking at properties for upcoming clients. I get to go home for a few days to see the hubby and the dog, and I am off again. What I learn on these road trips is invaluable to AOS and our parks.

What I learned on this trip, First of all,  Missouri is one beautiful state! I spent most of my road trip there, and it is expansive, bucolic, and now helps me understand how Mark Twain could wax so poetic about such a place.

The second take away, not all management companies are the same. As I looked at new client properties, I quickly realized that saying you are a management company, and actually managing, are two very different things.

Most of these parks are rarely visited by their management company execs, let alone show evidence of their existence. This is never the case with AOS. Our teams are constantly on the road visiting our properties, working along side the team members, setting and yielding rates, and helping to overcome any operational challenges they may face. We never leave our properties or our team members out on a limb-hoping we might show up to support them. With AOS and Mosaic, our fingers are always on the pulse of what is happening at your property. Yes, it get’s tiresome, and yes, we are on the road A LOT, but we do not know any other way to provide the type of service we provide and produce the results we produce. Road trips are not something we do a few times a year-we live them-and this one has been educational. So here’s to airport WiFi, Rental Cars, and Great Properties. Till next time Midwest!