Road Trips Trending

February 16, 2018

One of my favorite photos of my husband is this one taken during a family holiday.

It is circa 1965 and it was taken during a “Road Trip,” family vacation. They are the classic all American family, complete with the station wagon, the rooftop luggage rack, and the sun-kissed kids of summer. He still remembers it fondly, although I think the cowboy hat is long gone.

For this new generation of Americans, It seems like Road Tripping is coming back into vogue.

The “New York Times,” has this fascinating article on today’s travel trend, “The Great American Road Trip,” Some of the reasons American’s are road-tripping are some of the same reasons for the road trips of old. The lower costs of road tripping, the ability to see interesting sights along the way, and the option of taking Fido along for the ride, are just a few of the reasons cited for this emerging trend.

According to this article, “85 percent of travel is domestic.” This staggering statistic represents an incredible opportunity for RV parks and campgrounds. Some of these road trippers are going to own RV’s; however, many are going to want to experience tenting, cabin lodging, or trendy options like treehouses, yurts, and tented glamping.

AOS has found if we can get a typical hotel guest into a camping cottage or yurt, they return to this type of accommodation time and time again. The luxury of outdoor yard space, a campfire, cooking their own meals, are just some of the reasons they give up traditional hotel rooms for camping adventures. Add to this the ability to bring their pets and the many amenities offered at campgrounds, grabbing this new generation of road trippers is a unique opportunity prime for the picking.