Super Size Me? Maybe Not!

June 13, 2018

If you saw the documentary, “Supersize Me,” you know it is about a man who eats a diet of nothing but McDonalds-and this with disastrous results. While his weigh balloons, his health greatly deteriorates. His final thesis is that “Bigger is Not Always Better.”

The same may very well be coming true in the RV Industry. The January Tampa Super Show tends to be a great indicator of what is happening in the industry. This year, Big Rigs were NOT the star of the show. Manufacturers across the board were seeing trends toward smaller, more cost effective and eco friendly units. With the younger generation driving the market, the sales of the larger buses and larger Class A units showed a decline. On the upswing were the towable units and the smaller Class A/Class C units. A 24 ft Class A was proudly displayed front and center-at the show. Is this where we are headed? A study of the industry seems to suggest it is.

What does this mean for your park? Rules such as 34 ft or more, or Class A only may very well hurt you in the near future. As the older generation transitions out of the industry, the newer generation of RV owners are not going to be welcome if these are your hard and fast rules. Knowing where we are headed-and operating to attract this crowd-is one way to keep you in the game for many years to come. This is one reason AOS needs to be guiding you from the start. We know the market, and we know how to keep you viable not just this year, but for the future of RV’ing.