Mosaic Reservation PMS

At AOS we recognize that “one system does not fit all.” That is why we have created our Mosaic platform of solutions designed for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. From basic reservation and accounting functionality to fully integrated social media, digital marketing, and CRM services, Mosaic is scalable and designed to grow with your needs.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With Mosaic Technology’s CRM capabilities, never lose touch with that guest!
Send quotes with bookable links directly from your PMS system, add the potential guest to the sales funnel for follow up either electronically or as a reminder for your staff.
Our lead management functionality prompts your team to move forward to complete a booking or close the sale.
Proactive communication means a more positive guest experience. Guest communication and marketing is easy with everything integrated in one system.


Mosaic Management takes the depth, power, and knowledge of the AOS team and combines it with the powerful technology that is Mosaic.
Working in tandem, AOS and Mosaic accomplishes the following:

Rate Setup and Management
Dynamic Pricing setup and monitoring
Weekly Rate calls with a dedicated Rate Management team member
Marketing analysis and leadership
Staff training
On site quality control checks and reporting
Proactive reporting and alerts

Owner Accounting

Owner Accounting can be a time consuming and difficult process. NO MORE!
Our Owner Accounting feature makes charging, tracking, sharing and management a breeze. Owners have their own unique logins to see when their site is rented, how much they will earn, and when they can use the site for their own use.
Setup includes management fee percentages, misc. charge options, maintenance ticket tracking, and cleaning fees.
You and your owners will love the ease of use and transparency!

Point of Service Software

A small corner market, a full blown camp store, or several retail outlets, our built in POS can handle all your needs.
With inventory management and Cost of Goods tracking, our POS system is the perfect fit for your resort’s retail needs. No more guess work or timely inventory counts when it comes to tracking costs. Our POS also allows you to set up inventory alerts so you know when to re-order that fast moving product.
Free your guests from their wallets and allow them to charge directly to their folio from any retail outlet.
Tax tables are easily customizable according to each state’s guidelines.
Our POS is the perfect fit for your guests and your bottom line.