The Curse of the Gaps

December 22, 2017

The last thing a property owner wants to see when looking at their PMS system is GAPS!

Booking gaps mean you have odd spots to fill and may need to do some sort of extra marketing effort to sell them. One night here or there leads to revenue lost and the inability to address the needs of last minute bookers-who with rate yielding-pay the highest prices.

Our Mosaic systems allow you to handle this issue in a few ways.

First of all, we have the ability to filter our online booking engine by SITE TYPE, not site specific. This allows the property to place the guest in the site that makes most sense for the park, not where the guest chooses. Additionally, our system allows you to remove a site number from any confirmation or correspondence sent to the guest. Again, referencing site type only. Furthermore, our easy to use tape chart shows the booking grid in easy to understand ways in order to allow your team to move guests to a “best fit” scenario for the campground.

Finally, our proactive “Gap” reporting helps the staff know what is open and how to accommodate the incoming guests and open spaces for those yet to book.

We highly suggest you book a demo with one of our team members so we can help you understand how to make this work and also how to educate your guests on Site Type Only bookings.