The Word on the Street

January 26, 2018

We have just wrapped up a week at the Tampa Super Show. Thanks to all of you who spent time talking to us about your business needs, particularly when it comes to technology and property management.

We have received some interesting feedback in the wake of the show.

The dealers are telling us they sold more units than ever. This is GREAT news for the industry. However, they also report seeing a trend toward smaller, more eco friendly and fuel efficient rigs. The big rigs sales seemed to lag behind the smaller ones this year at the show. Interesting information and it sheds light on why we saw the smaller Class A models. The 24 ft Class A may be trending.

The other interesting note comes from one of our “For Sale,” platform properties. Last week, during the show, they had the highest number of sales ever! We are still determining the data behind the numbers, but there was tremendous activity at the booth, and the weather was a bit cooler, so instead of being at the beach, folks were shopping.

Both of these indicators tell us the industry is strong, but it is also changing. Food for thought as we look toward the future of Outdoor Hospitality.