We Don’t Do Mediocre Here

May 31, 2018

In speaking with a “New Build,” client, he made the comment,

“There are a lot of nice parks around me, and they are full, What do you think of positioning ourselves to be their overflow?”

At this risk of sounding pompous, I asked, “Why wouldn’t we strive to build your park in such as way as they become YOUR overflow?”

I then told him the story of my first park. The site was less than a mile from an incredible camping resort-which included an entire waterpark FREE with your stay. Everyone told us we were crazy and that we should choose another location.

Undaunted, we forged ahead and built a 369 site park and focused our what we determined to be our niche market. The results were nothing short of stunning.

Very soon, we were sold out and had the luxury of yielding to unheard of rates and minimum nights of 7+ in a transient setting.  Four years later, the park we built was acquired and the owners walked away with a 14 million dollar profit.

We never settle or strive to become someone’s “Plan B.” What we do from the start is plan the best park in the area, target the audience, and market to that specific audience. The results-we reach the people who may not have found what they were looking for elsewhere and create a stellar guest experience when they arrive. Bundled with red carpet style customer service and technology which makes all guest processes seamless, it becomes the GO TO park in the area, NOT someone’s afterthought.