When a Bad Chicken Salad Goes Right

May 19, 2018

Many years ago, when running a robust park in a resort area, I learned the importance of automating the arrival and departure process. I leaned it of all places, in a hospital emergency room while suffering from a bout of food poisoning.

Let me explain.

I arrived at the ER very ill and not looking forward to sitting in the lobby or at the check-in desk. I knew from experience there would be a long que and endless completing of paperwork- all while feeling quite sick. Much to my surprise, none of this transpired.  Instead, I was immediately escorted to a private ER cubicle where I was made comfortable and the digitalized forms were brought to me,

As sick as I was, it was an “Ah-ha moment.”

Up to then. every Saturday during our season, you could count on a 200 in and 200 out day. As you can imagine, long lines made for a harried staff and a painful guest experience. This all changed after my ER visit.

I recreated my ER experience with technology for my guests. At that time, no one product did what I needed it to do, so I paid a programmer to integrate my PMS system with a CRM and a phone app to create a seamless in and out experience. I then proceeded to create our own system, called Mosaic Advanced, to replicate this in one seamless system. Today, our parks can take care of the entire process via technology.

Now with e-signature capabilities, a guest facing app, and triggered correspondence, our guests can check in and out with ease. Now instead of finding them in long lines, you can find them quietly settled into their sites enjoying all our parks have to offer.

As technology makes everyone’s life easier, guests will demand forward thinking technology to automate their progress though your parks and your PMS systems. Make sure you stay one step ahead of them by thinking through how to make this happen. With cutting edge technology, everything from your gate and Wifi codes, to payments can be automated and sent to guests ahead of time-saving you payroll dollars and affording your guests a relaxing stay.