Where to Next??

April 17, 2018

We are still pretty surprised at the number of campgrounds and RV parks that debate with us their need for a social media presence. They do not like being vulnerable and open to the public in such a way. Their opinions are far too often driven by fear. Fear of negative comments, fear of bad reviews, and fear of the time and cost of maintaining the numerous social media outlets.

What we try to explain to them is that good far outweighs any negative associations. For one, your park is out there whether you like it or not, You do not have to own a social media page in order for guests to make online comments about your park-positive or negative. Secondly, as social media outlets evolve, you simply cannot afford to be “Off the Grid.”

Facebook Business is now getting into the travel industry even deeper than before. With their new service, “Trip Consideration,” and they are specifically, “Helping travel advertisers reach people who have expressed and interest in travel, but have not yet decided where to go.”

According to their data, Facebooks states, “68% of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and 60% on Instagram.”  Park owners cannot and should not ignore this powerful marketing opportunity-which in our experience-provides one of the lowest customer acquisition costs in the marketing world.

AOS manages the social media outlets for many of our clients and our team has shown they know how to provide the content that brings guests to your park and followers to your page. Let us show you how to reach this massive market of travelers and get them pulling into YOUR park!