Working Hand in Hand with Clients

March 9, 2018

Why do we say our Mosaic software is, “A Partner not a Product?” Read this short email from a new Mosaic client:“I want to thank you for coming to to our park this week to train and help us prepare to “go live” with Mosaic. I think we’re both benefiting by our conversations about our business(es) and overcoming the challenges we face on a daily basis. 

I am becoming much more comfortable with the idea of the daily “rack rate”, and how it correlates to our monthly / non-transient guests. As we continue to develop and refine the program, to me one of the biggest “problem solving” features (versus enhancements to our revenue) will be how we manage (mainly reserve and charge) our non-transient guests.  
This would solve many issues and make my life much easier. “

‘We never hand our clients a software and say, “Call us if something breaks.” Rather, we work with them on a regular basis to make sure the software is accomplishing their goals. Additionally, our revenue management team holds regular monthly meetings with our clients to inform them on rate structuring and yielding. Even better, when AOS manages a property, rate setting and yielding is an ongoing, almost daily process. With our secure cloud based system, our team can log on from anywhere to view occupancy and rate trends.

Let us partner with you to make 2018 your best year yet!