Young Campers and New Money

November 27, 2017

We speak to hundreds of park owners each year. Most have had their park for awhile and are pressed to see why they need to change the way they are doing business. They go by the old adage, “If it’s not broke; why fix it?” When it comes to running your park in the 21st century, this mindset will result in you being left behind, and we mean way behind!

Barrons, the highly respected investment publication, ran this headline November 25:

  • “Hit the Road, Zack: Millennials Discover RVs”
  • In this fascinating piece, writer Emily Bary writes, “Everyone knew about the retiring baby boomers, but it is this incremental consumer that has been driving the market.”
  • If anything, this title alone tells you why now is the time to change how your look at your software and marketing,
  • Capturing this generation means the days of sitting back with subpar Social Media, little to no Digital Footprint, and old school cumbersome, boring websites is over. These young people are not going to call your office for their stay-they are used to ordering everything onliine!
  • . This young segment of travelers come bearing disposable income and the ability to stay more than just a few days. Many work virtually and have no problem putting down roots with you at your resort.
  • Our Mosaic Solutions Software, bundled with out Marketing package, gets you out there and in front of this growing segment of RV enthusiasts. At the swipe of a smartphone, your guests, team members, and owners have our powerful tools at their fingertips. Reach out to us and let us show you how you can bring your park into the modern age and start seeing lots of younger faces around your parts.