Your Pace or Mine?

May 16, 2018

Tracking your site night pickups against budget is not for the faint of heart! Most parks we encounter have not even thought of tracking such data trends.

They may know the occupancy they wish to hit, and they hope that sometime in the future this will happen. What they do not take into consideration is the ways they can manipulate rate to get them there.

One of the main reports we process for our management clients is the Pace Report.

This very valuable report is going to tell you your pickup week to week, how you are faring against your “Site Nights Sold” budget and how your ADR is changing as you pickup sites. Every week, we evaluate these trends and address any problem areas before they become P&L nightmares. Savvy park owners and managers keep an eye on their pace before their season is over and they are left wondering what went wrong!!